From the Desk of the Course Co-ordinator

The Hospitality and Tourism Industry is a fast growing, job creating industry in the world. The annual revenue is over 600 billion and employment opportunities are given to over 250 million people directly or indirectly.

The industry in India too is doing fantastically well as India is recognized as one of the largest growth centres of tourism in the coming decade. There are a lot of international investors and hotel developers who are investing in India in a very big scale.

As this industry is growing at a very rapid pace, the demand for high caliber, well-educated and trained professionals will increase further. The employment opportunity in this industry is vast. Well trained and skilled persons have a great opportunity to work in hotels, airlines, fast-food outlets or as faculty in hotel management institutions. In today’s employment scenario, a person must have a graduation degree, be fluent in English and should be very passionate in his or her career. It is only then that he or she will see success. The Hospitality Certificate Course offered by the Maharashtra State Board of Vocational Education (M.S.B.V.E), run by St. Andrew’s Educational Foundation, will be a stepping stone to a fulfilling career in the hospitality industry.

Best Wishes from

Randolph Joseph

Randolph A. Joseph
Course Coordinator / Consultant