Food & Beverage Service

F & B Services

  • Introduction to the hotel and catering industry
  • Departmental Organization & Staffing
  • Essential equipments in food and beverage service
  • Auxiliary areas of food and beverage department and their importance
  • The Menu
  • Restaurant Set-Up
  • Various services in food and beverage
  • Non alcoholic beverages
  • Systems of Order-Taking
  • Methods of billing and payments

f&b service housekeeping



Accommodation Services

  1. Housekeeping
    • Introduction to hotel housekeeping
    • Organization of housekeeping departments
    • Various cleaning equipments
    • Various cleaning agents
    • Maids’ service room
    • Cleaning & polishing of common surfaces
    • Lost and found
    • Procedure for cleaning a guest room




  2. Front Office
    • Introduction to the Hospitality Industry
    • Organization of the Front Office Department
    • Hotel brochures and tariffs
    • Different sections – bell desk/telephone department, keys, room status.
    • Guest cycle, Pre-arrival, Occupancy
    • Front Office glossary