Rules & Regulations

  1. Application forms have to be collected from the Andrew’s Educational Foundation CCHMCT Office, located on the first floor of Dept. of Hospitality building. The application form must be duly filled in by the applicant in his own handwriting and must be accompanied by copies of the following certificates:
  2. a) Attested XI I/Graduation, College leaving certificate.
  3. b) Attested Passing Certificates of qualifying exams.
  4. c) Attested Mark Sheets of the qualifying exams.
  5. d) A Character /Conduct certificate from the Principal of the last college attended.
  6. e) Medical Fitness Certificate from a reputed Hospital or a registered Medical Practitioner. As per the format attached.
  7. f) Proof of Address/Electricity/Telephone Bill
  8. At the time of admission the candidate must produce the originals of the attested mark sheets and certificates for verification.
  9. Candidates who have been found to have furnished false information or to have suppressed material information, if admitted, will have their admission terminated and the fees forfeited.
  10. Admission will be accorded on a percentage basis (45% and above). A written test will be conducted at the time of admission. Once selected, the payment of fees will have to be done immediately. Fees can be paid by cash, cheque, demand draft or pay order, payable to St. Andrew’s Educational Foundation —CCHMCT.
  12. On completion of the course a Certificate will be awarded to all successful candidates by the Maharashtra State Board of Vocational Education, Mumbai.
  13. We expect students to strictly follow the code of conduct set down by St. Andrew’s Educational Foundation.
  14. The stipulated dress code should be strictly adhered to, and personal hygiene must be maintained.
  15. No loitering around the campus will be permitted.
  16. Compulsory attendance of minimum 90% is needed, or as prescribed by the Maharashtra State Board of Vocational Education. Failure to keep the attendance will debar the students from appearing for the final exam.
  17. Students are required to wear their identity cards before entering the campus and while they are on campus. Identity cards must be shown, if demanded by the Rector / Course Coordinator / Lecturer, Security guard or watchman or any other teaching / non-teaching member of the staff. A student who is found not wearing his/her college ID card is liable for disciplinary action. The same ID card is to be worn while going for Industrial Training/special training to various hotels.
  18. Mobile phones are not permitted to be used on the campus, and in the restricted areas of the college building; else they will be confiscated. In addition, the use of any other electronic communication or musical gadgets is strictly prohibited in the college building. Strict action will be taken if a student violates this rule.
  19. Any kind of demonstration that restricts the freedom of the college community and disrupts the smooth running of the college is banned.
  20. Smoking, playing cards or any form of gambling, consumption of alcohol and the use, possession and / or distribution of drugs are strictly prohibited in the college premises. Offenders will be dealt with severely/ dismissed.
  21. Students shall do nothing either inside or outside the campus that will in anyway disturb its orderly and disciplined environment.
  22. No society or association shall be formed in the college, and no person invited to address a meeting without the Rector /Course Coordinator’s prior permission.
  23. No students shall communicate any information to or write about matters dealing with the college administration to the press.
  24. Students are advised against sitting on parapet walls and on desks with feet on the bench or writing on them. Chewing gum is strictly prohibited.
  25. Any absence requires prior written permission from the Coordinator / Professor.
  26. Subject to the availability of space, parking facility is provided for students’ two – wheelers. Parking of cars is not allowed. The Foundation is not responsible for any damage to or theft of the vehicle. No one can claim parking as a matter of right. The time for entry into and exit from the campus will be notified by the Rector / Coordinator. Students who do not follow the instruction of security staff will forfeit parking facility.
  27. Students who invite outsiders or are found with other outsiders in the college campus are liable for strict action /suspended / dismissed.
  28. A student found guilty of ragging will be expelled.
  29. Insubordination and unbecoming language or misconduct in any form is sufficient reason for strict action against the student, including termination from the Course.
  30. Students are asked not to leave behind their books, bags or any valuables items, including money, unattended, in the college canteen, locker room, or in any area of the college. The Institute will not be held responsible for the loss of the same.
  31. Dress Code:-
    1. MEN: Caps, half pants, sleeveless T-shirts, three-fourth pants and low waist jeans are strictly prohibited in the college campus.
    2. WOMEN: Caps, half pants, sleeveless tops, skin tight dresses, short dresses or short skirts, pedal-pushers, low neck tops/ dresses, low waist Jeans and indecent outfits are strictly prohibited in the college campus.
    3. Vulgar writing on the clothes for both girls and boys is strictly prohibited.
    4. Proper grooming standards-
  1. a) Boys: Hair is to be cut short crew cut, side locks to be short and nails to be cut short. Boys are supposed to wear plain simple black belts and not fancy or jazzy belts
  2. b) Girls: Hair is to be tied in a bun; no manicure, pedicure and nail polish is permitted; nails to be cut short.
  3. Uniform: The uniform is to be ironed and sleeves are not to be folded. Boys are allowed to wear only black shoes and black socks, and girls black shoes, black stockings. Shoes need to be polished daily.
  4. Other than traditional ear-rings for girls, nose rings, piercings for boys and girls, bracelets, bangles or rings are strictly prohibited.
  5. Since discipline is the corner stone to success, all students will have to understand and abide by the rules and regulations of the institution.
  6. Chewing gum in the campus or when on training in hotels is strictly prohibited.
  7. Journals will be checked periodically, every week, and signatures of the Professors will have to be taken. Journals are to be submitted on time. There could even be a surprise journal check. Students whose journals are not stamped will not be permitted to sit for the exams.
  8. All class lectures commence at 08.00 a.m. and ends at 1500 hrs or 3.00 p.m.
  9. Students who have difficulties in studying any subjects can meet their respective Professors after the lecture or meet the Course Coordinator. THEY WILL BE HELPED TO RESOLVE ANY ISSUES PERTAINING TO THEIR STUDIES.
  10. Additional rules which are deemed necessary will be announced in class circulars.
  11. Fees: The fees for the one year in CCHMCT course will be Rs. 55,000/-. This will include the following:
  12. a) Uniforms – 1 White Shirt / 1 Black Trouser, 1 Black Tie and 1 Black Bow
  13. b) 1 Chef Coat / Chef Cap / Apron / Tool Kit (to be used in the Kitchen)
  14. c) Seven Journals
  15. d) Individual Lockers (Own lock and key)
  16. e) Tool kit

As per the policy of the MSBVE it is necessary that the students have to be exposed for a two month Industrial Training in leading hotels / resorts or restaurants. Though St. Andrew’s Educational Foundation – CCHMCT may help the incumbent student in arranging their training, the sole responsibility to this effect, will rest on the students and full cooperation from their parents/guardians is required. The students will have to submit his/her comprehensive training report to the department office duly certified by the competent authority of the training hotel. 

Students’ Cafeteria

Our mess is located on the third floor for the students to consume their meals.

Housekeeping Linen Room

We have a full-fledged Linen room where the students are taught to launder dirty linen and then ironing and stitching them accordingly.

Guest Suite Room or Training Suite

For conducting Housekeeping practicals, we have a fully equipped Guest Suite where the students are taught to prepare the room for sale to the guest.


We have a fully equipped restaurant for conducting our Food & Beverage Service practicals. We also have a mock Bar for conducting mock tail sessions.